Supporting Farmers To Implement Improved Sewage Treatment in China

Supporting Farmers To Implement Improved Sewage Treatment in China

Our Client

Jiande City in Zhejiang province is an eastern, coastal province of China. The Zhejiang Provincial Government has been keen to develop solutions to improve rural sewage treatment. This project was made more complex by the topography of the region, which consists of large plateaus. The main objective was to improve wastewater treatment in this flat rural area to help farmers and small communities benefit from better wastewater treatment.

The Challenge

This project was made more complex with the need to install solutions for several different farming properties across the province. Most locations had no power and few farmers were interested in maintaining a sewage treatment solution. They were also reluctant to purchase large septic tanks.

The Solution

Three ECOROCK models were used for various applications in this region – the ECOROCK-1000, ECOROCK-3000, and ECOROCK-5000. Our local partner recommended that each customer set up a smaller 1m3 septic tank and a 1m3 grease trap. These two units would receive raw sewage and then enter the ECOROCK tank. Each ECOROCK unit was set up with 3m3 conditioning tank filter brushes, delivering a highly effective but small-scale solution.

The Results

Each project has been executed to a very high standard, with 8 units installed so far. The Government has already purchased additional ECOROCK units for new projects in other cities of Zhejiang province.

The Pictures