EN 12566-3 2005 & Purification Results

EN 12566-3 2005 & Purification Results

Posted on 23 marras 2012 by Biorock

When choosing a sewage treatment system, make sure that the manufacturer’s plant has an EN 12566-3 2005 Certificate; this certificate is the only way for the plant to be legal in the UK. The Environment Agency only accepts plants that have been tested EN 12566-3 2005, and only if their percentage reduction of influent pollutants during the 38 week EN Test is below the following levels:

  • BOD reduction less than 93%
  • Suspended Solids reduction less than 88%
  • Ammoniacal Nitrogen reduction less than 50%

BIOROCK has been tested to conform to the EU Norm EN 12566-3 by the PIA in Aachen (Germany). BIOROCK's purification results are:

BOD5 99% 4 mg/
COD 96% 26 mg/l
S.S. 99% 3 mg/l
NH4-N 96% 3 mg/l

Furthermore, BIOROCK has the following certifications and approvals:

Certified EN-12566-3 2005+A1: 2009

Tested conform EU Norm for plants up to 50PE

Certified for Germany

DIBt Zulassung, filtration level C+N

Certified for France

Agrément 2010-026

Certified for the Netherlands

KIWA Certificate

Need more info on all purification results of BIOROCK? Send us an email!

Note that: Only sewage treatment plants with the EN 12566-3 Certificate are accepted by the Environment Agency. BIOROCK primary tanks have sufficient volume to comply with the British Standards Institute.

Visit the PIA Website for a list of companies that have actually tested their systems and are allowed to sell in the UK. By working with a network of professional installers and Sewage Treatment specialists, BIOROCK complies with British Standards, the Building Regulations, and E.A. Pollution Prevention Guidelines.

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